Prashna Shastra

Are you unaware about your date or time of birth? Do you want to get your horoscope without knowing your time and date of birth? At AstroLive, the astrologer specializes to provide accurate prediction to particular event of life or activity.

Prashna Shastra (Horary Astrology) is an important aspect in Astrology. It’s a branch that requires an absolute professional analysis. At AstroLive, you get eminent astrological expert, who has understanding of all facts of astrological dictums. The astrologers ensures for higher accuracy of predictions for our clients.

Prashna Shastra has certain rules and considerations that a querist is expected to follow. The querist has to approach the astrologer with a clear-cut intention of asking the question in sincerity. The motto of the querist should not be with the aim of testing the astrologer’s knowledge. Though there are a number of methods to answer questions, the astrologer focuses on one question at a time for maximum accuracy.

As Serious is the Question As Accurate will Be the Answer

Therefore, if you are feeling low and not able to get proper guidance without your horoscopes, then AstroLive experts can help you to solve your problems with the system of Prashna Shastra.