Have you ever pondered why some people are always successful? Or, do you experience some setbacks in any work that you undertake? The success of any work or task depends on the time in which the work is undertaken. In astrological terms, it is defined as the Muhurat, which acts a thin film between the Success & the failure.

If you are planning an important event and want to discover the auspicious and inauspicious time to start your work, then expert at AstroLive will help you to discover the best time for your work/event to guarantee you a success. Muhurat is ideal for those individuals, who don’t have birth chart or are under the negative influence of any dosha. The success of any task or event is maximized, if it’s done in an auspicious muhurat. That’s why muhurat is given due importance by astrologers.

Muhurat also plays a significant role in the marriage of the individuals, as it predicts the auspicious time and date of the marriage for maximum compatibility and a happy life to persons going to be connected. There are different muhurats for different types of work. Therefore, it becomes important for native to get a consultation with AstroLive experts regarding the auspicious time to conduct the different types of work for assured success.