How to Get Success in Meditation …..

How to Get Success in Meditation .....

Meditation is an art to concentrate mind to a single point which can be your deity, God or an imaginary dot set at central point of your eye brows. Through the meditation, you do not only enhance presence of mind, but also activate the brain cells which mostly lie in inactive form in every common man throughout the life. Meditation is the vary activity through which saints (Yogi) used to generate and activate their hidden power in olden days, and they could do miracles with it. Yes, its benefits are miraculous, but the efforts it requires are also extraordinary.

Many times people complain that they sit to meditate, but their concentration diverts here and there. They feel very difficult to set their mind to a single point. When most people get failure in doing so, then a question strikes the mind how people in olden days develop new capacity through meditation.  Actually, this is an activity that needs a lot of efforts done contentiously with patience. A very beautiful and inspiring lesson related to the art of getting success in meditation lies in the story of Chini Bamboo. Let us start with the story of Chini Bamboo Tree.

Chini Bamboo is an amazing and quite abnormal plant. Unlike other bamboo plants, it lies under the soil without germinating for a long time. Even after you do well all the processes like sowing, watering, giving manure and everything all what a seed needs to get germinated, you can see nothing growing in the field for a long. One year, two years, three years and even after six years, you cannot see any sprout germinating in the field.  A common person, who doesn’t have earlier knowledge about Chini Bamboo plant, cannot have possibility to see its germination now. He leaves all hopes of its success to have result of what he has done in sowing the seed of Chini Bamboo. At the end of the seventh year, you can see two small leaves germinating out of the field forcefully to make their way.

You can wonder thinking that a plant that takes 7 years to germinate, how much time it will take to grow. Like the process of its germination makes your surprised, the process of its growing will make your surprised more. Anyone hardly can think that this plant takes only 6 weeks to grow 80 feets high. No one can think during the first 7 years, this plant is growing under the earth achieving its depth, but it is its reality.

When it comes to develop meditation skills, I cannot imagine about a batter story than that of it. A majority of those who begin meditate knees down very soon. But they should not forget that like a Chini Bamboo Plant, success in everything depends of the strong base, and a strong base needs sufficient time to be developed. This is also true in case of creating peace and mental power through meditation.

Always remember that developing concentration power is just like to cultivate a Chini Bamboo Plant. When you want to achieve new skills, then you have to sow a seed and have to be very cautious about its care, so that it gets every required thing and condition to grow in height. Once you are successful to build a strong base or foundation, no power of the world will hinder you to achieve your ultimate goal set by you earlier.

Practice: For learners, initial phase of meditation can be hectic, boring and time consuming. But you have to take the special challenge what your success journey brings for you. Be practical that the state when you are able to do anything conveniently is a result of very long practice with great continual efforts. During your journey, remember –Practice, practice and practice. Even when you think that now it is not bearable to go further with your practice, you have to make it. Do whatever you can, but carry on your practice ensuring the intensity, quality and duration of your worthy practice.

Patience: It is what you can best learn from the story of the Chini Bamboo Plant.  If you are learning to meditate, don’t expect that only 100 hours of your practice can make you successful in meditation. Before I achieved the various states of consciousness, I had to do thousands of hours of practice patiently. Patience is one of the key factors necessary to get achievements. If you don’t breed desires in you, then it can be easier to be patient.

Again we return to meditation. While meditating, pay a proper attention on every passing moment, every raising idea and every breath you are inhaling and exhaling. You have to remove all your doubts, worries and fears. Always try to bring your stream of thought to the present. Don’t let it go to repent in the past and don’t let it worry about the future.

The keen vigilance like this will take your practice to the next level. This is an art of entering yourself, and listening voice of your inner consciousness.  If you really want to achieve expertise in meditating then don’t jump to any other new habit leaving the previous goal of meditation behind. First stick to the one which you have decided first. You will grow step by step.

To get expertise in meditation, you need to build confidence and boldness in you. This boldness should be beyond other’s acceptance. If you are filled with confidence, and you are serious to learn how to mediate successfully, then you have to give regularity to your practice with patience. As much height you want to achieve, to the same depth you will have to develop you roots. And this is the depth that takes time. If you don’t fear to go to the depth, you will not fear to go to the height. And finally, your regular practice done patiently will win you an achievement in meditation with its miraculous benefits.

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