Course Details

In India, the craze for the courses in Astrology, Palmistry or spirituality has seen a rapid upsurge.

At AstroLive, you get to know about some exciting courses on astrology that can help the students to learn most accurate Astrology system of the world. The astrologer offers different types of courses in Astrology such as Basic and Advanced Interactive Astrology courses available in both the formats i.e. regular and correspondence.

The regular courses in Astrology offer informative and practical astrological sessions for the students to help them become eminent professional astrologer. For the students interested in the correspondence course in astrology, the astrologer offers special options to clear their doubts by taking an appointment with AstroLive ..... in addition to high quality astrological texts and materials.

The course details for the Program are mentioned as under: Course (Regular/Correspondence) Duration Fee
1 Basic Interactive Astrology 8 Months
2 Advance Predictive Astrology 6 months
3 Research Level 11 months

“Define the purpose in your life. Join our courses in astrology and start revealing the lives of the people with the power of astrology.”