Compatibility Report/Kundali Milan

Are you confused between love & arrange marriage? Or, are you looking to get your compatibility checked with your partner before your marriage?

Get valuable suggestions from the astrology experts with quality kundalimilan reports. This report checks the compatibility quotient of the couples, and provides them with effective tips and suggestions for their longevity in their marriage.

At AstroLive, we have a scientific approach on Kundalimilan. The soothsayer gives importance to certain considerations such as long life, good Health, good nature, good professional career, financial stability of your prospective life partner to enhance the your compatibility levels for a joyful marriage.

AstroLive has excellent proven method of horoscope matching based on nakshatras or Lunar Constellations, known asgunamilap. This kundali matching method assigns points for factors & gunasthat that influence marriage. If the gunas lie in the range of 31-36, the union is considered to be excellent, similarly if the gunas between 0-16 is considered to be inauspicious. This Kundali matchmaking is a very useful facility in vedic astrology, which is suitable for both Love marriages and arranged marriages.

All over India, Kundali matchmaking is preferred by the couples because they are aware of the positive benefits of this practice. Therefore, get your compatibility checked with your partner at AstroLive and explore the glory of your marriage.