Birth Time Rectification

Do you want to get an astrological counseling but don’t know the exact time of your birth? You don’t need to worry.

AstroLive’s birth time rectification reports is the best companion for those individuals, who haven’t got their time of birth recorded for them. No matter whatever your circumstances were, if you know your date of birth and Place, you can get a comprehensive and accurate astrology reports. The astrologer at AstroLive will help you to discover the correct birth time for best astrological predictions.

The most important step for judging the perfection of the horoscope reports is to match the main events that have already happened in the life of the native after going through Dasha, Bhukti and Antra & Transits. The astrologer is expert to match the events with the horoscope. If the events don’t match with horoscope, he provides the native with our exclusive Birth Time Rectification.

The astrologer employs the significance of all the past events such as education, marriage, love affairs, illness, property, purchase of vehicle, number of children, parents alive or not, separation, number of siblings physical attributes or any other event and comes with an authentic conclusion. Moreover, the astrologer delves into the past life of the individuals to predict the correct birth time.