About Astrologer

The renowned, revered astrologer and prophesier AstroLive ..... is a well-known name in a field of astrology, who deserves a lyrical and eloquent introduction. Here are Sr. Consultant Astrologer, K.P expert, Healer and Muhurat Expert, ParaNormal Expert, SuperNatural Expert with plethora of astrology experience under there belt. Here are one renowned for his accurate predictions that have generated amazing results. AstroLive ..... deals effectively with different forms of occult sciences like K P System, Vedic, Horary, cuspial interlink, meditation and healing techniques in detail.

AstroLive has the work experience of 15 years in astrology. His current specialization lies in Career/professional Astrology, Financial Astrology, ParaNormal Activities  and Relationship compatibility Management. They are also well known for being a Muhurat expert& a Spiritual Teacher. There passion also forays in writings. His writings feature in several astrological blogs for different websites.

AstroLive ..... achievements and accuracy have been appreciated and acknowledged by many. However, they believes that the highest and the most precious reward that they gets is the love and affection that his followers shower upon him, and God blessings have always helped him to rise in there life.

AstroLive ..... preaches his followers to-Love, Live and laugh in their life. This motto will always ensure Happiness, Success and Vitality in one’s life.